Particle Horizon is out now!

So, after over seven years of procrastination, agonizing, editing, re-writing, but above all, great enjoyment (I’m certainly not doing this for the money) my novel is finished!

Particle Horizon is my love-letter to the great space opera and hard SF writers I grew up with; whose adventures made me want to share my own dreams with like-minded people. I think if you like the ensemble characters and galactic conflicts of Peter F Hamilton, the big questions of Arthur C Clarke and the exotic locations of Greg Bear, there’s a chance you’ll like this!  Throw in a dash of gritty, fast-paced future military action and think you get a pretty good idea of what to expect (Not that I’d ever compare my own work to these writers, I can but aspire!).

Here’s the front and rear cover (with description) to give you a taster.

It is on sale now in the US Kindle store:

and UK:

A paperback version will be available in a few weeks, check back for updates!

If you read and enjoy my book, it would mean a lot to me if you left me a good review!


11 thoughts on “Particle Horizon is out now!

  1. Congrats on the release and pat yourself on the back for getting it all finished. I’m learning that all of this publishing/writing/promo stuff is more difficult than it looks! Hope you do well and will place it on my TBR list (that’s more than a mile long, lol). =)

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