First review for Particle Horizon is in!

…and it’s five stars! I’m obviously ecstatic about it and really makes the years of hard work worth it. Here’s a short excerpt:

“It’s the writing style that really sets this book apart though.  The descriptions of life in this future and the science that made these worlds livable are vivid and alive.  So many sci-fi novels are dry and academic in their world-building, not this one.  The Angelhaven asteroid comes to life in an artist’s vision of color, texture, and sound.  Teenagers fly through light tubes and play in the varying gravity fields.  Longwheat fields rustle thick, hot, and suffocating in their beauty.  I found myself in reverent awe imagining the beauty as well as the destruction.  The author has clearly taken time to consider every detail of the science and life in these worlds, and it shows.  All the new and unfamiliar technologies were absolutely believable.”

You can read the full review on Debra Dunbar’s fabulous blog here:


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