A nerd’s Ghostbusters pilgrimage in New York

In April, I went to New York with my cousin for some sight-seeing and being the geek that I am, no trip to NYC would be complete without completing a pilgrimage to all the main locations from the greatest movie of all time!

The sponges migrated about a foot and a half…

First thing’s first… The New York Public library! Gorgeous building with the amazing Bryant park behind it. I didn’t see the librarian ghost though. Bah.

We were destined to get kicked out of this dump…

Columbia University. Don’t know what Venkman meant, it was not dump-like at all.

The neighbourhood is like a demilitarised zone… (it’s not)

Yes. They have the real logo from Ghostbusters 2 on the wall. I think I just did a little wee in my pants.

No, you are NOT allowed to slide down the pole.

This is their real badge

Painted on the sidewalk outside. Awesome.

The firefighters at Ladder 8 were so friendly and awesome too. Later we actually saw them in action roaring down 6th avenue. We cheered them on!

Who’s the stiff?

This is where Peter meets Dana later on in the movie to discuss her case. Yes, I did the twirl but I’m not sharing that video with you!

Nobody steps on a church in my town!

So, she’s a dog.

The church Mr Stay Puft steps on! Right next to 55 Central Park West, otherwise known as Dana Barrett’s apartment building. Not quite as opulent as the movie, the top section with the ornate Ivor Shandor stuff was done in matte paintings in the movie.

I’m the keymaster!

Lastly, probably NOT the horse Louis Tully propositions in the movie, but close enough and the right location.

The guys over at Bleedingcool.com did a very similar tour recently, but I wanted to share my own nerd pilgrimage with you as I’ve been planning this since 1984!

Remember kids, if someone asks you if you’re a god, you say YES!


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