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Graduated from King’s College London longer ago than seems possible, and went on to work in kid’s TV for over 10 years making promos for Disney and Cartoon Network. Perhaps as an antidote he writes gritty, epic science fiction; forever his first love.

Surviving his ongoing obsession with fast motorbikes and flirtation with the underrated virtual worlds of videogames, he somehow found time to put to paper his long-gestating scifi epic. Influenced by the great space opera of Peter F Hamilton and Yokinobu Hoshino, as well as a lifetime of digesting the classics of Greg Bear and Arthur C Clarke, he lives and breathes SciFi in all its forms.

He lives in London with his awesome cat.

I think I’d describe my writing style as fast-paced, gritty and fairly action-packed.  Having said that, I love to delve into the big questions of the universe, religion and mind (though I’m certainly no physicist), question what it is to be human, and hopefully, just tell a really riveting story against an epic canvas.  I’ll let my readers (whoever you may be!) judge whether I’ve succeeded!

I’ve just finished editing my first novel and long-term labour of love, an epic science fiction novel called ‘Particle Horizon’.  We follow the stories of an ensemble of characters from different sides and perspectives of a galactic conflict as their adventures intertwine.  The galactic Rubicon has been crossed…


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Particle Horizon intro now available on Booktrack!

I’m excited to announce that you can now read the opening chapter of Particle Horizon on the exciting new reading platform Booktrack Studio! 

Immerse yourself completely in the world of Angelhaven with a soundtrack as you read; complete with music, ambiance and sound effects!

Particle Horizon on Booktrack Studio!

Do let me know if you enjoy it!


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