About Selso Xisto

By day, I’m a creative/editor/promo producer for Turner Broadcasting in London making promos for Cartoon Network across europe… By night, I travel to the farthest reaches of the universe, imagining exploding asteroid colonies and alien civilisations and dreaming of how to share these adventures with like-minded people. Which is a rather pretentious way of saying ‘aspiring novelist’. I’m not doing this for money, only love of hard SF and space opera. I’m greatly influenced by the amazing works of Peter F Hamilton, Arthur C Clarke, Greg Bear, Stephen Baxter, Yukinobu Hoshino and many, many others I can’t remember right now. I think I’d describe my writing style as fast-paced, gritty and fairly action-packed. Having said that, I love to delve into the big questions of the universe, religion and mind (though I’m certainly no physicist), question what it is to be human, and hopefully, just tell a really riveting story against an epic canvas. I’ll let my readers (whoever you may be!) judge whether I’ve succeeded! I’ve just finished editing my first novel and long-term labour of love, an epic science fiction novel called ‘Particle Horizon’. We follow the stories of an ensemble of characters from different sides and perspectives of a galactic conflict as their adventures intertwine. The galactic Rubicon has been crossed…

Particle Horizon intro now available on Booktrack!

I’m excited to announce that you can now read the opening chapter of Particle Horizon on the exciting new reading platform Booktrack Studio! 

Immerse yourself completely in the world of Angelhaven with a soundtrack as you read; complete with music, ambiance and sound effects!

Particle Horizon on Booktrack Studio!

Do let me know if you enjoy it!




Bold 1950’s Prototype of my Angelhaven world!

Fabulous article about a visionary engineer with bold plans for a 3,000 foot long space colony.

Avid fans of Particle Horizon will notice immediate similarities with my Angelhaven colony, in particular the axial docks! Enjoy!

Particle Horizon FREE for 3 days only! Starting today!

To celebrate making it into the semifinals of the Kindle Book Review ‘Best Indie Books of 2012’ Competition, I’m giving away Particle Horizon for FREE for 3 days only, starting today, the 4th of July! Please tweet and tell your friends about it!


Also featured today on the awesome Free Kindle Books and Tips site! Check it out!


Semi Finalist in the Best Indie Books of 2012 contest!

Today I received the incredible news that Particle Horizon has reached the semifinal phase of the Kindle Book Reviews ‘Best Indie Books of 2012’ competition!

Looking down the list of nominated authors, I’m extremely flattered and humbled to see my name on the same page as some truly brilliant writers and books (including one that is about to be made into a movie no less), so though I have no expectation of winning against such stiff competition, I’m ecstatic to be mentioned in the same breath!


Particle Horizon Jubilee Weekend giveaway a huge success!

I wanted to thank all my lovely friends on Twitter for doing so much to spread the word about my weekend giveaway, I couldn’t possibly have achieved the fantastic numbers I did without so many people’s generosity with their words and time and in particular @rainyofthedark who did so much to get me up to speed and introduced me to so many new friends.

On monday, I hit number 2 in the free scifi bestseller chart on amazon uk!! It was downloaded over 4,200 times!


The final standings on the Amazon Free Bestseller charts were:

Amazon UK Kindle Free Science Fiction bestseller chart #2

Amazon UK Kindle Free bestseller (all genres) chart #30

Amazon US Kindle Free Science Fiction bestseller chart #8

Amazon US Kindle Free bestseller (all genres) chart: #78


Thanks to the exposure given to my humble book on the amazon charts for one weekend, I hope more people will find it in future and I can share my stories with more people like you!