Particle Horizon reviews

“It’s the writing style that really sets this book apart though.  The descriptions of life in this future and the science that made these worlds livable are vivid and alive.  So many sci-fi novels are dry and academic in their world-building, not this one. The Angelhaven asteroid comes to life in an artist’s vision of color, texture, and sound…”

“…The plot flowed fast, action packed, sometimes brutal and sometimes poignant. I had a hard time putting it down. Vivid well-written prose. Interesting and believable technology. A fast paced riveting story. Five stars…”

“…This book easily holds its own with the big boys, and is well worth the purchase.”

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“…The added bonus was the writing. The author ticks all of the boxes in that respect, research he has done; concept excellent; characters engaging; technology believable and well described & writing style impressive. I’m finding it difficult but excited none the less that this is his first novel…”

“In my opinion mainstream science fiction publishers should read this as for me it is as good as most of the mainstream authors out there and I would happily add him to my list of must purchase…”

“…I just hope that this is the first of many. I highly recommend this book! 5 Stars!”

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“…An intricately detailed, and epic space opera…”

“The characters are incredibly developed, even minor characters are given a three dimensional aspect that makes you interested in them as actual characters rather than scenery or filler.”

“…The voice and telling is fresh and original. It kept me guessing and surprised me on a number of occasions. I recommend this book to all lovers of sci-fi, if you want a story that sucks you in and holds you tight, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with Particle Horizon.”

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“I was positively impressed by Selso Xisto’s writing style and ability to create a detailed story. There are plenty of debut science fiction books, which contain poor writing, but in my opinion this book is an exception. This book is surprisingly rich in content and the writing is good…”

“…He also has a talent for keeping the story afloat on several levels from character development to world-building – this is a good achievement for a debut author. He has a creative imagination and a desire to tell stories.”

“…Particle Horizon is a surprisingly entertaining, well written and fast-paced science fiction book. I’m sure that readers, who aren’t used to reading to science fiction, will be delighted to read this book, because the plot moves fast forward and the characters are interesting. I think that experienced readers will also enjoy this book, because the story is entertaining…”

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“…Every once in a while you come across a true gem. Particle Horizon is certainly one of those. It is fast paced. It is action filled. It has interesting characters and a fascinating theme…”

“…In my opinion, it is one of those rare novels that works for both fiction lovers and science fiction lovers…”

“Particle Horizon is a novel I can highly recommend, even if you don’t normally read sci-fi, or have never read a sci fi novel in your life, I urge you to pick up this one. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I know I was.”

“Now the wait for the next Selso Xisto novel begins, because this is an author I want to read more of.”

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“…Tight, well conceived and the ending provides a satisfying conclusion.”

“…The prose is better than many traditionally published books I have seen…”

“For action packed military science fiction, this is among the best I have seen.”

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“…Particle Horizon was phenomenal!”

“…Superb action, fantastic characters and a well thought and very involved plot.”

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“…A pretty awesome debut…”

“You won’t soon forget the first chapter. It was raw and emotional and draws the reader right into the conflict.”

 “An excellent novel that balances believable characters with gripping events.”

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